Electric Range Appliance Repair

If your kitchen is equipped with an electric range, there are a few problems that might occur that keep you from having dinner ready on time. Some of these are simple fixes, while others are more complex. In some cases, you may need to call an appliance repairman to make the required repairs.

If none of the elements on your range are working, including the stovetop and oven, the problem may be that a circuit breaker is tripped. Locate your electrical service panel. Look at the switches inside. If one of them is slightly out of line with the rest, it has been tripped. Turn to the off position and back to the on position. This should restore power to the stove so you can finish your meal. However, if the breaker trips again, you should call an electrician or appliance service technician to see what is causing the overload.

If only one of the top elements is not heating the problem may be a defective heating element. While you can complete your meal by cooking on another element, you should pick up a replacement at the home improvement store. Simply pull the old element out of the receptacle as when cleaning the stove top and replace with a new.

Your oven has two elements. The top element is the broil oven and the lower is the bake element. If these burn out you may be able to replace them yourself or you might prefer to call an appliance repair technician. Before removing elements, be sure the stove is unplugged from the wall. Remove the two screws that hold the element in place, unplug it and replace with a new one.

If problems are beyond a defective element, you may want to call an appliance repair technician such as appliance repair houston. He can diagnose the problem and provide replacement parts. In most cases, making repairs is much less expensive than replacing an appliance.